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Burt Reynolds – Obituary

One of Burt Reynolds last roles was in the thinly veiled autobiographical The Last Movie Star and now seems an appropriate send off for...

The Last Movie Star – Digital Download – REVIEW

Originally titled 'Dog Years' it was changed to a far more appropriate 'The Last Movie Star' because it’s a film that writer director Adam...

Tarantino casts Pacino for ‘Once Upon a time in Hollywood’…….

So with filming not far off from starting for Quentin Tarantino's ninth and possibly penultimate film, 'Once Upon a time in Hollywood' the film...

Career Ruining movies…….

Every actor wants to be on the A list but once you're there its even more of a problem trying to stay on it....

Yes Burt Reynolds did really say that…….

Burt Reynolds was in the UK late 2015 doing the publicity rounds for his book when h am up with this bombshell. Speaking about Charlie...