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King of Thieves – REVIEW

With Donald Trump paying off porn stars and regularly declaring his businesses bankrupt it’s a surprise that King of Thieves is not about him....

Ghost Stories – dvd / blu ray – REVIEW

The Ghost Stories dvd written by Andy Nyman & Jeremy Dyson originally started off as a theatre production playing to much success in London’s West...

King of Thieves – TRAILER

The KING OF THIEVES trailer is not the story of our Editor's sticky fingers in the petty cash box ('You're fired!' - Ed) but rather the...

Ghost Stories – REVIEW

Good ghost stories always scared people and we’ve always thought that at the end of TV’s 'Crimewatch' the presenter should always  end it with...

A comedy called The Death of Stalin……?

Death dealing dictator Stalin is not the most obvious candidate for a comedy but the graphic novel The Death of Stalin by Fabien Nury...