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Colour out of Space – DVD / BLU RAY

Much was made about Terrence Malick’s absence from film making for twenty years after 1978’s ‘Days of Heaven’ returning in 1998 with the star...

So what has Richard Stanley been doing for 24 years?

With the release of Colour out of Space it sees South African born director Richard Stanley return to feature film directing after a 24...

Colour out of Space – REVIEW

When you’re last film starred an actor with an ego that didn’t match his talent  and co-starred an acting legend who disrupted the shoot...

78/52 – REVIEW

Ask about Psycho and without exception everyone will cite the iconic shower scene.  So ingrained is it into pop culture that even people who’ve...

So this is what Richard Stanley has been up to…….

Those familiar with the work of writer / director Richard Stanley will remember the audacious debut of 'Hardware' which was followed by 'Dust Devil',...