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How the SAG strike is postponing these Sony film releases…..

With the SAG & WGA strikes now in full swing the impact on the the imminent release of films is now postponing these film...

What next for Sony and Paramount?

2020 turned out too be something of a game changer for cinema and the major studios but with Disney and Warners have set out...

What you don’t know about Spiderman Far From Home

So with Spiderman Far From Home doing extremely good business currently having earned over $844m it seems that making a billion is within its...

Sony clean up their films…….

So no parent is ever going to say to their toddlers, 'Hey kids, turn off teletubbies and let's watch Pulp Fiction!' but it seems...

The rise and fall and rise(?) of Spiderman…….

With 'Captain America: Civil War' now open in the UK many will see the latest incarnation of Spiderman with Tom Holland now in the...