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So what were the top box office earners of 2015…….?

With just about every film released in 2015 having now completed its theatrical run we thought we’d have a look at the  top earners...

so where did they film ‘The Force Awakens’?

The Force Awakens opened in the UK on the 18th December in the UK and a day later in the US and much like Return...

Francis Ford Coppola

If you're a fan of director Francis Ford Coppola whose films include The Godfather trilogy (superb), Dracula (pretty good) and Jack (......urr...maybe not quite...

More ‘The Force Awakens’ box office facts…..

Inevitably 'The Force Awakens' has done rather well so facts fans here's some facts: There has been an awakening and the UK and Ireland have...

Which is the biggest Star Wars if you adjust for inflation?

We're still a bit obsessed with how much 'The Force Awakens' will make and it's still going strong and even with inflation taken into account,...

So just what records has The Force Awakens broken?

As expected 'The Force Awakens' has made a few quid and to date here's how much and the records its broken so far: Fastest to...