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The story behind 2015’s Fantastic Four disaster

After the success of  his directorial debut with Chronicle Josh Trank had the attention of Hollywood and was soon offered the Fantastic Four reboot....

Why was Carnage not the main villain in Venom?

Much was riding on Venom being a success for Sony and perhaps also for Tom Hardy who had made some comments before the film’s...

Venom – REVIEW

Tom Hardy’s been pretty vocal about the final cut of Marvel’s latest film Venom, 30 minutes of which he loved in the script and...


Well 2018 see Marvel films coming thick and fast. Black Panther is here and before we get to Venom we have Avengers Infinity War,...

So what happened to The Amazing Spiderman 3…….?

With Spiderman Homecoming doing great business ($673m and counting) and garnering great reviews its worth having a look back at the now perhaps unjustly...