Why was Carnage not the main villain in Venom?

.......it was the 278th take and Tom wasn't happy.....

Much was riding on Venom being a success for Sony and perhaps also for Tom Hardy who had made some comments before the film’s release about Venom missing over 30 minutes of stronger material that was excised from the final theatrical cut before back tracking on what he’d said. The film was only shown less than 24 hours before it opened to critics with reviews being at best mixed (we thought it was pretty good in our review here).

But after it’s opening weekend all parties they can now relax as the $100m movie took over $205m worldwide ($80m in the US , $125 rest of the world). It’s safe to say that we can expect a sequel.

venom carnage

But for fans of the comic book many asked, ‘Why was super villain Carnage saved for a post credits scene?’

Director Ruben Fleischer said :

”We felt strongly that the first movie needed a place to build to, and that by … Carnage is the character I think fans, and everyone wants to see the most, in the Venomworld, but we didn’t want to spoil it on the first movie. The first movie is all about Eddie and Venom, and their relationship, and establishing the character. Then from there, it felt like we wanted to give them a place to go. So, choosing their most formidable adversary felt like a great, natural sequel.”

venom carnage

It’s understandable as the film had to establish not only Venom but also his host Eddie Brock too as ultimately Venom is an origin story. With that now done it’s a no brainer that Carnage as played by Woody Harrelson will have a significant role in a sequel that we’re taking a wild guess at being called Venom 2……. with a bit of Carnage

Venom has broken the opening weekend record for an October release.

Source : Collider


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