The Conjuring 2 – sequels and spin offs…………………

......despite his best efforts the Convent were determined not admit Marilyn Mansun ..........

Well the Conjuring 2 has barely been out a week and it has already made over $100m so talk of a sequel will always follow but it seems that James Wan has already ruled himself out for an immediate sequel as he’s tied up for the next couple of years with ‘Aquaman’ but it depends on whether the studio will be willing to wait for him to be free.

The first film saw a spin off with the demonic doll Annabelle – a toy so clearly unsuitable as a child’s gift that it’s a surprise Social Services weren’t called as soon as the doll turned up. The Conjuring 2 does see the doll turn up again at the very end in the Warrens Room of Doom with its satanic memorabilia (looks like the holiday souvenir tat the wife brings home from holiday – Ed) but it seems that the nun who appears in the sequel is set to get her own spin off.

David Leslie Johnson, who co-wrote the film, has been hired to pen what is being titled “The Nun” and though will not be directing James Wan will produce.The demonic nun was going to be some sort of horned presence before James Wan settled on the nun instead and reshoots were hastily completed. (We met the nun at the screening we attended – see our YouTube channel)

Bonnie Aarons played the character in the film but quite who will play it in the spin off is to be confirmed. Reports that it will be Marilyn Mansun are unconfirmed and we’re nun the wiser (‘Stop it’ – Ed) but we won’t second guess who’ll be cast as the nun as that’s a bad habit to get into (‘You’re fired’ – Ed).


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