Is Shrek about to return………?


Dreamworks Animation the company behind the Shrek franchise were bought not so long ago by ComCast for a not inconsiderable $3.8billion – a similar amount owed by the Editor on his bar tab at The Nags Head pub.

At a recent investors meeting the NBCUniversal chief Steve Burke stated that his goal is to create characters that will lead to theme park attractions and licensed merchandise of which Shrek is high up on the list and to facilitate this and keep the character in the public eye the company are thinking of pushing out four features a year although this is likely to be the TV specials that we’ve seen over the past years that feature the lead characters but its thought that a fifth film in the franchise likely.

It’s been 6 years since the last Shrek film which made $752m  and  with the first film having made $484M, Shrek2 making $919m and the third film $798m it was a nice little earner for the studio.

If nothing else it’ll give Mike Myers career a much needed boost….


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