The other Flash alternate ending….


With The Flash now out and having had its first weekend figures in and shown to have made $139m over the weekend internationally. Much has been made of the films numerous cameos but what is less well known is The Flash alternate endings.

******* MAJOR SPOILER AHEAD ********

So the very last scene of the film is the one that surprised with Warners even going as far as having kept it from screenings until the final version was shown to the press in the week of release where Bruce Wayne pulls up outside the courthouse only for it to be Not  Michael Keaton but actually George Clooney.  He and his agent were shown the mostly finished film and liked it enough to agree to be a part of it.

This turned put to be the third ending crafted for the film with the first being from the Toby Emmerich-Walter Hamada era of Warners when the plan was to reset the Snyderverse and set up a new one that would lead to a Crisis on Infinite Earths event. That Flash alternate ending was shot during the film’s main shoot and ended on the courthouse steps with Supergirl (Sasha Calle) and Batman (Michael Keaton) – Barry realising he did not reset the timeline as he thought he did.

But the then Discovery took over Warners, Emmerich & Hamada were ousted, and current Warner Bros. Pictures Group chairpersons Michael De Luca and Pamela Abdy were installed with their own plans. So the second Flash alternate ending saw Calle’s Supergirl joined by Henry Cavill’s Superman, Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman and Keaton’s Batman. That ending was shot in September last year involving Miller, Cavill, Gadot, Keaton and Calle.

But then in November 2022 came the announcement of the Gunn-Safran era of DC who had their own ideas which included scrapping the next Cavill Superman and Gadot-led “Wonder Woman” projects in development which thus made the end cameos redundant. Hence the Clooney ending.

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