The Maze Runner : Death Cure – REVIEW


So another franchise closes down with the release of ‘The Maze Runner : Death Cure’ with its remaining teen heroes fighting the grown ups in a dystopian future. The release of this third and final film was rumoured to be a made-for-TV version to reduce cost but like ‘Twilight’ and ‘The Hunger Games’ before it the last film was ripe for a two part finale but instead what we have is an epic and somewhat overlong end film which opens with a breakneck exhilarating set piece as our heroes led by Thomas (Dylan O Brien) go about trying to rescue their imprisoned friends from a heavily guarded speeding train. It’s a breathtaking sequence which would not be out of keeping with the Fast & Furious films to which the sequence owes much to that of the opening of FF6.

Along with Thomas Brodie-Sangster, Rosa Salazar and Will Poulter and a whole host of others who have survived the previous two films this sees them attempt to  find a cure for the disease that is rampaging through the population turning them into ravenous zombies. It’s a ‘them and us’ situation as the military protect scientists and politicians from the monsters in heavily fortified cities that keep them out along with the young people who are trying to break in. The plague has decimated cities and the production values of a decimated dystopian cityscape is brilliantly realised.

It’s perhaps not an ideal film to dip into if you’re unfamiliar with the previous films but it’s not too difficult to pick up the story as there’s enough exposition to get the gist as Thomas & co also attempt to rescue their friend Minho (Ki Hong Lee) who’s been captured by the military for further experiments to be carried out on him and there’s another decent set piece as he runs round a maze trying to escape an Alien-esque monster.

Inevitably the plot has the expected renewal of friendships, betrayals to be corrected and young love all linked with some impressive action orchestrated by Wes Ball who helmed the previous films in the franchise and constructs an edge of your seat set piece between a bus of children and a huge crane.

O’ Brien is dashingly heroic & Will Poulter has one of those faces you can’t take your eyes off much like Walter Goggins who assists the teenagers but has a face of make-up that looks like he fallen asleep face down in a plate of month old macaroni cheese. Female fans of the series won’t be disappointed with sad moments and gorgeous guys that won’t leave a dry eye or seat in the house but for the uninitiated they might find at 2 hrs 22mins it overstays its welcome.

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