What happened to World War Z 2?

World War Z 2 - Whatever happened to the Brad Pitt sequel?

Released back in 2013 World War Z starring Brad Pitt was not without its controversy due to the entire third act being reshot and hence inflating costs. Inspired by Max Brooks’ 2006 book of the same name the film starred Brad Pitt as a former UN employee who travels the globe to find a cure to stop a massive zombie pandemic. Nonetheless the film earned a healthy $540m and a sequel was rumoured to be in the works. Ten years years later there’s still  no sign of it so what happened to World War Z 2?

David Fincher was set to direct at the behest of the studio who knew he had worked well with Brad Pitt before on films such as Seven and Fight Club. It’s rumoured that Brad Pitt’s character who appear with a younger co-star as the two form a makeshift father-daughter relationship amid another terrifying zombie outbreak.

Production was set to start in June 2019, but in February of that year it was reported that the project was dead due to its budget. Fincher’s budget was less than the originals $190 million but the cost was still too for Paramount

But Fincher has recently revealed why there now won’t be a sequel saying,’“Well, it was a little like ‘The Last of Us,’” adding ,“I’m glad that we didn’t do what we were doing, because ‘The Last of Us’ has a lot more real estate to explore the same stuff. In our title sequence, we were going to use the little parasite … they used it in their title sequence, and in that wonderful opening with the Dick Cavett, David Frost-style talk show.”

….and that’s what happened to World War Z 2?

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