Who will write the new Indiana Jones film…?

he's writing the new Indiana Jones film? he's got some neck!! ....oh sorry

With news that there’s going to be another Indiana Jones film with both Ford & Spielberg it seems that all we need to know now is just who is writing it?

Well it’s going to be David Koepp which may not mean much to anyone but he wrote ‘Kingdom of the Crystal Skull’ but before anyone heaves a sigh of disbelief it’s important to remember that all the stories for the franchise have come from George Lucas who (thankfully) looks like he will not be involved with this one and in fairness his absence did ‘The Force Awakens’ no harm.

A quick look at his resume shows that Koepp has written:

Jurassic Park
Mission Impossible
The Lost World: Jurassic Park
War of the Worlds

So he has a decent pedigree although you could argue that these were really directors films.

On the other hand he has also written:

Death Becomes Her
The Shadow
Secret Window
Angels & Demons
Premium Rush

None of which were frankly anything to …ur…. write home about!

It’s still a few years away but it will be interesting to see what a non Lucas Indiana Jones story will be. Expect the rumour mill to start generating soon.


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