Witch - a medieval supernatural thriller...

Set in 1575 the medieval horror flick ‘Witch’ opens with a scene deep in the woods where two women are seemingly under a spell.  One of them is Twyla (Sarah Alexandra Marks) and maybe they are witches as nearby two men battle each other with one making the accusation ’You’re wife is nothing but a witch!’, the twist here being that the accused is not  Amanda Holden’s husband.

But the film tracks back to the events leading up to the scenario where Twyla is happily married to William (Ryan Spong) and is a loving mother to their child. But their existence is soon to be overturned when, staggering into their village one night, is a shaven headed woman clutching two decapitated heads who is soon banged up charged with witchcraft and facing a death sentence, a fate that will befall any woman that is in league with the forces of dark. And in that respect Simon Cowell’s BGT apprentices Alesha Dixon & Amanda Holden might find themselves facing a similar fate. But with a sheriff only too keen to do the bidding of a powerful judge Twyla finds herself wrongly accused of witchcraft and William has to find the real witch that is causing havoc in the village to prove his wife’s innocence.

Co-directed by Craig Hinde & Marc Zammit from their own story this is a low budget supernatural thriller that takes in a kind of Book of the Dead that can turn a person into a vessel for evil to travel to our world according to a character with a stick on beard and a penchant for using the phrase ‘whence it came’ that will have audiences fearful that the phrase, ‘Hey nonny nonny’ can only be moments away. William and Twyla are warned that unless stopped ‘a devastating evil will stalk the Earth leaving its mark on past, present and future’ ironically the Headmaster’s comment on Donald Trump’s High School year book.

Witch is a low budget film something which is problematic to construct a convincing period drama and with tweaks to the story this could have been updated to modern day. With a slow middle section Witch is more a supernatural thriller than horror (in that respect it’s the woman wandering into the town clutching the two heads that is the most striking image) and the cast give it their all in an ultimately  underwhelming story.

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Witch is available on iTunes, SKY, Amazon and Google from 29th April 2024


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