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Hillbilly Elegy – NETFLIX

Unfairly 'Deliverance' still has most people’s image of Appalachian locals but Hillbilly Elegy was a memoir  that showed the area is much more than...

Hillbilly Elegy – TRAILER

So Ron Howards latest film is almost on us with the release of the Hillbilly Elegy trailer. Now if you are unfamiliar with what...

The Woman in the Window – TRAILER

With the start of the new year we now have a some great film to look forward to and dropping on our inbox is...


Those looking for vicarious thrills won’t find what they’re looking for in Vice the latest real life US politics film that follows hot on...

Justice League – REVIEW

So the long gestating and after many false starts much postponed DC version of The Avengers , Justice League is finally here, once again...

Arrival – REVIEW

As a screenwriter when your back catalogue of films includes the script for a remake of, ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’ , a prequel...