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Battle of the Sexes – blu ray / dvd

With the rise of #MeToo and #TimesUp the release of Battle of the Sexes was prescient. The 1973 tennis match between Billie Jean King...

Battle of the Sexes – REVIEW

Most Monday mornings our office is a complete and utter mess courtesy of our Editor who, having been on a all-nighter at The Nags...

Battle of the Sexes – trailer

Our Editors ideas about women would make Emily Pankhurst spin in her grave. Fortunately the spirit of Pankhurst lives on with the Editors wife...

So how did our Oscar 2017 predictions compare to the winners…….?

So after the debacle of this year’s Oscars we thought we’d have a look at the winner’s and how our own predictions dated the...

2017 Oscar predictions but will #OscarsTooWhite sway votes…….?

This year it seems that the race for Best Film Oscar is between two films  La La Land, a musical fantasy about white lovers in...

La La Land – REVIEW

Ryan Gosling continues to be something of a renaissance man having been viciously brutal in ‘Driver’, dramatically challenging in ‘The Ides of March’,  hilariously...