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Horizon – An American Saga – TRAILER

With Avatar being a planned multi film franchise it seems that Kevin Costner is taking a leaf out of James Cameron’s book with the...

Robin Hood Prince of Thieves – LIMITED EDITION BLU-RAY

By 1991 Kevin Costner was the most bankable of film actors. A succession of hit films that had started with 1987’s The Untouchables was...

Let Him Go – TRAILER

So Kevin Costner has had an interesting career hitting the dizzy heights of box office success and Oscar glory soon followed by box office...

Waterworld – DVD / BLU RAY REVIEW

The making of 1995’s Waterworld had seen its huge floating set sink into the Pacific ocean and two camera men killed for a film...

Career Ruining Movies – Part 3

Continuing our popular series about Career Ruining Movies (Part 1, Part 2) we thought we'd have a look at a few more and the stars...

15th April 2016

THE BRAND NEW TESTAMENT The tag line for this is, ‘God Exists. He lives in Brussels with his daughter’. This sounds a bit like the...