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The overlooked Scorsese films….

Widely regarded as America’s greatest living director Martin Scorsese has the most impressive back catalogue of films that have includes more than its fair...

Scorsese talks Silence, Taxi Driver, Sinatra and The Irishman…….

Despite his long cherished project ‘Silence’ not doing well at the box office (currently $10m off a $50m budget) and garnering only one Oscar...

Silence – REVIEW

Regarded as America’s greatest living film director Martin Scorsese is on something of a roll after his last film, 'The Wolf of Wall Street’...

The 2017 Oscar nomination season begins here…….

With the Autumn season now over attention turns to the films which get released in early winter that are contenders for next years Oscars...

A new Martin Scorcese movie…..

We love vintage Scorcese movies and always look forward to a new film from him.  His new film, 'Silence' (a title which forced the...