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Unsane – REVIEW

Presumably Steven Soderburgh’s new film 'Unsane' was titled by a 13 year old illiterate Hollywood executive who thinks that erudite is a glue and...

Unsane – TRAILER

Since Steven Soderburgh has come out of self imposed retirement (we knew it wouldn't last) he's returned to making some intriguing films starting with...

Logan Lucky – REVIEW

Four years ago Steven Soderburgh had said that he would retire from directing, a promise which lasted for about 20 minutes, because since the...

Logan Lucky- trailer

Director Steven Soderburgh swore off from making any further films after the excellent Liberace bio-pic ,'Behind the Candleabra' (which should have got Michael Douglas...

Look who’s joining the new all female Oceans 11 film…….?

With the original trilogy (even though it was a remake of a Frank Sinatra film) directed by Steven Soderburgh with it's all star male...