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The Irishman – TRAILER

So The Irishman trailer, the new Martin Scorsese film, has been a long time coming mainly due to a number of technical problems to...

Scorsese talks Silence, Taxi Driver, Sinatra and The Irishman…….

Despite his long cherished project ‘Silence’ not doing well at the box office (currently $10m off a $50m budget) and garnering only one Oscar...

Scorsese scraps his next film…….

With the release of Director Martin Scorsese's long cherished project, 'Silence' tlak now turns to what his next film will be which is another...

Here’s a Scorsese movie to get really excited about……..

Here at Cannes there's been the usual flurry of deals but the on we're really interested in is one by STX Entertainment, a really...