Chuck Norris and Vanilla Ice star in….


Cameos can often be a fantastic surprise (Brad Pitt in Deadpool 2) or almost instantly forgettable and pointless (David Beckham in King Arthur) and some films are chock full of them, Absolutely Fabulous the movie being one (here’s the full list of A list cameos who appeared  in it) and could even extend to The Expendables franchise. But some are so cheesy as to be the whole point of the cameo in the first place and to that end those stars of the 80’s and 90’s Chuck Norris and Vanilla Ice respectively along with Australian singer-turned-actress Sophie Monk will appear in the action-comedy Zombie Plane.

Zombie Plane centers on a secret government organization that recruits celebrities to be undercover agents, who together must save humanity from an imminent zombie attack. Norris, Ice and Monk play themselves (actually, Norris plays Commander Chuck Norris, who mentored and trained Ice into becoming a deadly secret agent), but the feature is reportedly full of of celebrity cameos, with a ’90s pop soundtrack including tracks by Ice himself.

executive producer Shaked Berenson (Turbo KidTales of Halloween) said: “Zombie Plane uses comedy, the zombie genre and ’90s nostalgia as a vehicle, to comment on pop-culture as much as it feeds it, creating unforgettable one-liners and situational comedy ‘to the extreme’

Directed by Lav Bodnaruk and Michael Pier of Chop Shop Post (a post-production and VFX house whose recent work includes Paramount+’s Last King of the Cross and Amazon’s Trope), the film was shot earlier this year in Australia with the support of Screen Australia.

International sales for the film will be known in November when the company pitch it to the distributors with a trailer expected shortly afterwards

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