Exorcist Believer facts you might not know…….

Exorcist Believer facts you might not know.......
(from left) Tony (Norbert Leo Butz), Katherine (Olivia O’Neill) and Miranda (Jennifer Nettles) in The Exorcist: Believer, directed by David Gordon Green.

1973’s The Exorcist remains a mile stone in horror cinema winning two Oscars for script and sound and being the first horror film ever to be nominated for Best Film. It spawned four sequels the last being in 2004 and now we have a new film in the franchise helmed by David Gordon Green who recently completed the Halloween trilogy. On the eve of its release here’s a few Exorcist Believer facts you might not know,,,,

  • In November 2021, several months before principal photography began, the crew gathered for a week in Savannah, Georgia, to film all scenes with Ellen Burstyn.
  • The final exorcism was lensed in Atlanta, before the film’s opening scenes were shot in the Dominican Republic (which doubled as Haiti).
  • In colour-design conversations, Green and production designer Brandon Tonner-Connolly discussed movie touchstones, such as Wong Kar-Wai’s lush, romantic classic In the Mood for Love—from which they decided to mirror bright colors.
  • To draw inspiration from iconic images of The Exorcist—and challenge his team to live up to the legend—Tonner-Connolly printed out 50 stills from the 1973 masterpiece and arranged them in a grid on his production-office wall.
  • For the Haitian scenes that depict the death of Victor’s wife, Sorenne, in the earthquake, the filmmakers identified a “Caribbean green” as a color that stands for danger and urgency. The hue is meant to unnerve when it reappears in a mental institution…and again in Katherine’s house and in Victor and Angela’s home.
  • For a key Haiti scene, the special effects department built a curious staircase. Each stair had different small tilts, ones in which a stunt performer could come down and hit different stairs. By doing so, it emulated the steps crumbling during an earthquake. When the earthquake happens, according to stunt coordinator Ashley Rae Riddick. the floors accordion and the stairs fall apart.
  • For the deeply disturbing look of scenes set in a mental institution, the filmmakers were inspired by Children of Darkness, a 1983 Oscar®-nominated documentary featuring unthinkable stories of mentally and emotionally troubled children and young adults. The pain of that narrative’s families was echoed in pain of the fictional parents in The Exorcist: Believer.

….and those are just some of the Exorcist Believer facts you might not know!

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