Is Finding Dory predicted to be huge or hopeless??


Disney have had an immensely successful year so far being the first studio to exceed $4billion at the box office.

For the first time though they had a stumble with the release of ‘The Good Dinosaur’ which was the first animated film from Pixar to make a loss making only $331m off a projected budget of approx $190m. With the release of ‘Finding Dory’ soon there’s much hope that it will be a return to form (and profit) for the studio.

Every films has projected box office earnings based on all manner of data such as advance ticket sales as well as host of other information and it’s all a bit of a dark art and is not always correct.

‘Finding Nemo’ had a $70m opening weekend and ‘Toy Story 3’ fared best with $110m and ultimately making $1,063,171,911 (so is it any wonder that Toy Story 4 is currently in production?). Well it looks like ‘Finding Dory’ may top this with it projected to open to somewhere between $115 – $120 million. Trailer has had a great reception and early word of mouth is positive.

It opens in the us on 17th June but the UK doesn’t get it until 29th July by which time it looks like it will already have made Disney another fortune……so the answer is…….it’s going to be huge!


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