Jericho Ridge - an actioner that's well worth seeking out

Compared to big budget blockbusters low budget actioners are like yacht girl Meghan Markle – trashy, unpopular and a generally low quality bang for your buck. Jericho Ridge is something of a welcome relief to the usual. First time feature director Will Gilbey sets his film in mostly the one location – a US sheriff’s station in the middle of nowhere with a skeleton staff but its recently demoted Deputy Tabby Temple (Nikki Amuka –Bird) who is at the centre of all this. With a broken ankle she is restricted to working despatch at the station while her colleagues take the night shift calls. Alone in the station she’s left her gun at home figuring she won’t need it but will soon find otherwise.

Whist she fields calls she has a pissed up prisoner in the cells and awaits the arrival of a locksmith as the station had been broken into the night before as the eager beaver nice but dim Deputy Walter had not locked up properly and the property store has been ransacked though nothing appears to have been stolen. Tabby also has to contend with her teenage son Monty (Zack Morris of Eastenders fame) who has followed the criminal side of his mother’s vocation and been running with the local drug dealers. But a quiet night on the radio for Tabby soon sees her turn into a tiger when the station comes under siege from gunmen strafing the outpost with searing firepower and all she has is a bulletless pistol, the radio and the buildings surveillance cameras whilst she desperately waits for back up police units to attend which are at least thirty minutes away. What follows is a taut tale that takes grip and never lets go.

Will Gilbey has built a reputation as an editor having cut two of the Rise of the Footsoldier films amongst a load of other productions and he has a keen sense for the action set piece.s and though Jericho Ridge is something of a Rio Bravo meets Assault on Precinct 13 hybrid it’s still very much its own thing. There are some neat twists here notably Tabby watching her colleagues on their dashcams as they go to make an arrests . The British cast, especially Nikki Amuka-Bird are very good, all with convincing accents in a US set film that has actually been shot in Kosovo and you’d never know it.

Jericho Ridge is a great little actioner that never lets up and doesn’t waste any of its pared to the bone ninety minutes running time and as a calling card for writer-director Gilby is an assured debut and well worth  seeking out even if it is on streaming.

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