Michael Jai White & Gillian White tell us about their film, ‘Take Back’…..


Zara and Brian (real-life couple – Gillian White and Michael Jai White, The Dark Knight) are living the perfect small-town life, but when Zara heroically foils a robbery, she soon becomes headline news…and the unwanted notoriety sees Zara’s mysterious past catch up with her, putting her family’s life in serious danger. When their daughter is kidnapped by a sadistic gang, led by the vicious Patrick (Mickey Rourke – The Wrestler), the pair face a race against time to save her life. With Detective Chalmers (James Russo – Django Unchained) also on Patrick’s trail, Zara and Patrick’s paths collide in an explosive finale.
Zara must finally face up to her past and get revenge on the savages who almost ruined her life. Read our review HERE

We spoke to Michael & Gillian about the making of the film, ‘Take Back’……


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