A pale ale……


So to all the budding thespians out there were pleased to present the latest inspirational pep talk from one of the UK’s premier actors, Mr Ross Kempp (at least that’s what it says on the email which were sure has been mispelt)……..

Ross Kemp on Twitter: "Definitely, highly recommended! @IronMaiden ...

I’m not bitter or anything about losing out to Bobby Davro in the Christmas panto circuit last year I can assure you. It wasn’t my fault I missed the audition as the choke on my volvo snapped off which left me struggling to start the old girl. 

But after dealing with this setback I needed to get back on my feet which so this meant my own office to run things from. Luckily I got a mate who’s a team leader at my local (Wether)’spoons where I used to do the doors occasionally. He kindly cordoned off table 16 which is a prime booth with a prime view of Sky Sports and a nearby power socket – result! The only issue is the cleaner in the mornings needs the socket for the hoover however I’d usually take this time to have a mind focusing Bishops Finger pale ale and a bacon bap before writing more excellent material.

And really ,that’s the message I really want to get across to all the young kids joining the business, no matter what obstacles you come across always, ALWAYS, make time for a pale ale.

Be lucky!


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