Predator – director John McTiernan talks about the making of the classic Schwarzenegger film…….

John McTiernan directs Arnie of the Predator set

At the first ever London Action Fest director John McTiernan did several Q&A sessions about the making of two of his best films and here he spoke about the making of his classic Schwarzenegger film, ‘Predator’.

After a screening of the film he spoke about the infamous casting of Jean Claude Van Damme in the film before he was unceremoniously recast (read about it HERE too). He also spoke to the costume, shooting in on location in an extremely humid jungle setting and working with Arnie himself as well as a whole load of other stuff that fans were eager to know. He also answered several questions from the audience in his usual candid and forthright way.

Watch Part One of the Predator director John McTiernan interview here:

Watch Part Two of the interview here:



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