Kill - as if train journeys through India weren't dangerous enough!

The inspiration for Indian director Nikhil Nagesh Bhat new film ‘Kill’ came from a train journey he took in India and awoke to find that the carriages either side of his had seen the passengers robbed. It’s somewhat different I the UK where it’s the cost of the train fare that sees you robbed blind.

It’s the passenger Amrit who will see that doesn’t happen on his train journey to New Delhi with his friend Viresh. Amrit has only recently popped up uninvited at the engagement party of his sweetheart Tulika and it’s her and her family that are on the same train with the pair sharing an illicit liaison in that most romantic of locations, the train’s toilet. Brief Encounter this is not. But whilst this goes on the pair are unaware that the train has been overrun by a gang of bandits who appear to have dressed themselves from a skip at the back of a charity shop. Led by the unfortunately named Fani (and with a name like that his school days must have been turmoil) the gang pillage the carriages which can be locked off individually by corrugated metal shutters.

Pillaging the passengers for their valuables it is Fani who recognises that Tulika’s father is a wealthy business man and kidnap would be a better bet in order to get a huge ransom. But Amrit and Viresh have other ideas. They are , of cours, commandos more than capable of taking of themselves and the tooled up bandits soon find themselves lambs to the slaughter as the pair wade through the seemingly endless gang members. This is brutal stuff and its one particularly grim moment that sees the film title appear 50 minutes into the film and is a cue for Amrit to go balls to the wall ballistic as they kill and kill and kill in spectacularly gruesome fashion.

The template for this type of extremely high body count has been instigated by the huge success of the John Wick films and the set pieces have been, at times, quite brilliantly orchestrated in close quarter fighting in extremely confined spaces. Whilst the gang are interchangeable the laws of this kind of film will build toward the inevitable smack down between Fani and Amrit but along the way there’s a track suited man mountain sidekick whose seemingly indestructible and there’s the gang boss, Fani’s uncle and they are all destined for suitable demises and in that respect Kill does not disappoint. Playing like Bullet Train meets Train to Busan with a touch of The Raid this is an exhilaratingly exhausting watch.

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Here’s the Kill trailer…….


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