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Jungle Cruise – REVIEW

A Jungle Cruise has always has a whiff of the slightly exotic and yet the nearest we’ve ever got to getting sweaty as we...

Escape to Victory remake…….

Courtesy of director Jaume Collet-Serra (“The Shallows,” “The Commuter”) we can  now look forward to an Escape to Victory remake which if you have...

Emily Blunt to be female lead in Jungle Cruise…….

With Emily Blunt having finished on Mary Poppins 2 (out this Christmas) she will next star alongside Dwayne Johnson, who seems to be overtaking...

The Commuter – REVIEW

The story of a man waiting on a railway platform waiting for the 07.15 from Maidstone only to find it had been cancelled due...

The Shallows- REVIEW

Jaws gave the world a new movie menace which has been recycled umpteen times  and whether it be alleged true life stories (Open Water),...

The Shallows

Since 'Jaws' we've had no end of shark movies over the decades , some being laughably bad ('Jaws the revenge') and some being pretty...