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Spencer – REVIEW

Whilst a family Christmas, for some, can be grim affairs ending with full scale domestic warfare ending only with the arrival of the police...

Spencer – TRAILER

By anyone's standards the Queen has had a pretty novel few years with the passing of her beloved gaffe prone husband, the marriage of...

Underwater – TRAILER

Landing in our mailbox is the Underwater trailer a title that does what its says on the tin as its set .....well.....underwater. Starring Kristen...

Who are the new Charlie’s Angels?

So there a new Charlie's Angels film on its way rebooted after the last attempt lasted only for only two films ending in 2003....

Win a copy of ‘Personal Shopper’ starring Kristen Stewart…….EXPIRED

We’ve never really understood why anyone would need a personal shopper and frankly it seems a bit of an indulgence either that or the...