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Mrs Harris goes to Paris – REVIEW

A tale of aspiration Mrs Harris goes to Paris is based on the 1958 book Flowers for Mrs Harris and has the always great...

Vera Drake – BLU-RAY

Mike Leigh’s 2002 film All or Nothing though well regarded had been over looked for major plaudits at awards time and having earned just...

All or Nothing – BLU-RAY

After the acclaim and Oscar wins for 1999’s Gilbert & Sullivan bio-pic Topsy-Turvy director Mike Leigh returned to his contemporary dramas with All or...

Let Him Go – TRAILER

So Kevin Costner has had an interesting career hitting the dizzy heights of box office success and Oscar glory soon followed by box office...

Misbehaviour – REVIEW

The 1970’s. Happy days where the school summer holidays lasted forever, fondue and prawn cocktail were the corner stones of any dinner party and...

Ordinary Love – TRAILER

Those who are married realized that the honeymoon period where everything is rosy quickly ends so its fitting that the Ordinary Love trailer landed...