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A Wizard’s Tale – REVIEW

There’s been plenty of cheap cash in movies over the years with TV providing plenty of product for the big screen. Unfortunately much of...

Kong : Skull Island – REVIEW

King Kong shares much with Cinderella and Sherlock Holmes.  It’s not obviously apparent but it’s that theirs are some of the most filmed stories...


In his younger days the Editor was a vociferous campaigner for a local issues (or as we liked to call him, ‘a right moaning...

Ben Hur – REVIEW

Those who saw the Angelina Jolie action film, ‘Wanted’ will be familiar with the bullet bending, gravity defying madness of all of unpronounceable  Russian...

Ben Hur

The ongoing saga of classic films being remade continues with this summers 'Ben Hur' which is a remake of the 1959 remake of the...