The top earning male stars of 2016 are…….

..... the multi ethnic cast included black , white and orange celebrities.....

We’d have thought the top earning actor would have been our Editor being as he’s always pretending that he’s about to buy a round of drinks but somehow never gets round to it (Rubbish! I’d just forgotten to bring my wallet with me! – Ed). Anyway according to Forbes magazine there is a new name that tops the list with Dwayne Johnston ousting Robert Downey Jr down to number 9 slot whereas Johnson leaps from his former number 11 to the top of the pile having doubled his earnings from the previous year. with his fee from the recently completed, “Fast 8,” but also “San Andreas,” HBO’s “Ballers” and next years “Baywatch” movie. Surprisingly Jackie Chan is at Number 2 and there’s a few Bollywood actors in there too and how Adam Sandler remains on the list after so many flop comedies is anyones guess.

Interestingly Johnson has earned than $20 million more than the top female earners which was headed by Jennifer Lawrence and the combined total of the male top 10 is more than double the female top 10! So Lawrence’s complaint at the lack of parity in pay is probably justified. Either way we still can’t get a drink out of the Editor…..

1. Dwayne Johnson – $64.5 million
2. Jackie Chan – $61 million
3. Matt Damon – $55 million
4. Tom Cruise – $53 million
5. Johnny Depp – $48 million
6. Ben Affleck – $43 million
7. Vin Diesel – $35 million
8. Shah Rukh Khan – $33 million
9. Robert Downey Jr. – $33 million
10. Akshay Kumar – $31.5 million
11. Brad Pitt – $31.5 million
12. Adam Sandler – $30 million
13. Mark Wahlberg – $30 million
14. Salman Kahn – $28.5 million
15. Leonardo Dicaprio – $27 million
16. Chris Pratt – $26 million
17. Will Smith – $20.5 million
18. Amitabh Bachchan – $20 million
19. Matthew McConaughey – $18 million
20. Harrison Ford – $15 million


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