What was the most pirated film of 2016…….?


Our Editor has always fancied himself as someone who tracks down people who pirate films until it was pointed out to him that not all piraters wear a patch over one eye, have a parrot on their shoulder and a peg leg (You’re fired! – Ed).

Anyway as ever piracy continues to plague the industry with the internet and torrent sites making it even easier unfortunately and its worth baring in mind that revenue lost by the studios to piracy means less money to invest in more innovative films rather than the brash blockbusters.

The list inevitably includes those blockbusters and their seems to be a direct correlation between the big money earners and how many times they are pirated with perhaps the only exception being the Independence Day sequel. Unsurprisingly its superhero films that take the top slots

Here’s the list anyway of 2016’s most pirated films……

Most downloaded Movies on BitTorrent, 2016

rank movie worldwide grosses
1 Deadpool $783,770,709
2 Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
3 Captain America Civil War
4 Star Wars The Force Awakens
5 X-Men Apocalypse
6 Warcraft
7 Independence Day: Resurgence
8 Suicide Squad
9 Finding Dory
10 The Revenant


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