Will there be a RAMBO 5 ?

After this Sylvester was banned from playing Duck Hunt at the fun fair.

If you ever saw Rambo 4 back in 2008 you’ll remember the final climactic scene of utter carnage as Stallone takes out a whole troop of Burmese soldiers and the screen awash with blood, body parts and testosterone. The Editor said he found it hard viewing as it bought back to many memories of ‘Nam much to our disbelief and he quickly skulked off to his office after we told him that the only ‘Nam he’d been to was Chelt’nam. (Rubbish! I’ve been to Totten’nam too! – Ed)

But there‘s a bit of confusion at the moment over the future of another Rambo film ever being made. The current issue of Variety has Stallone saying he won’t be playing the part again which is fair enough when you’re knocking on 70 but reading between the lines it doesn’t mean that there won’t be a Rambo 5 – a suggestion given further impetus by the fact that the new film CREED (out later this month in the UK) revitalized his Rocky character and may give credence to the idea that Rambo might be revisited and relaunched with a younger actor playing the iconic role.

In the unlikely event that Stallone does play Rambo again rumours that the 70 years olds catch phrase will be , ‘Don’t push me……..in my wheelchair!’ remain unfounded.


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