Writer-director Patrick Read Johnson chats about his Star Wars themed 5-25-77


Though Jaws was arguably the start of the modern day summer blockbuster it was Star Wars that took it to another level inspiring fanatacism and debate that continues to this day. Writer-director Patrick Read Johnson was a teenager at the time and had been inspired to make his own homemade movies and his film ‘5-25-77′ ( the release date of Star wars in the US) is something of a love letter to that era and, outside of the ILM special effects team) follows the moment where he became the first member of the public to see Star Wars months before it was released and became the phenomena that it became almost overnight

The stories about George Lucas’ film are legion notably the one where he showed a rough cut to his director contemporaries tat included Spielberg, Scorsese and DePalma. But Patrick Read Johnson was the first non-industry person to see and from there he forged a career in film and 5-25-77 caught the attention of George Lucas and Star Wars producer, the late Gary Kurtz. The film became something of a labour of love taking over 15 years to complete but the favour of George Lucas enabled him to get access to all manner of Star Wars stories which we chatted to him about here…..and there’s several revealing things never made known to the public before.

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See what he had to say here…..


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