A Simpsons movie sequel?

Simpsons movie sequel - Are we about to get the Simpsons Movie2

We can hardly believe that The Simpsons Movie was sixteen years ago and despite having had critical acclaim and a healthy box office earning $526m worldwide that there has not been another film. But there’s a suggestion that a Simpsons movie sequel could be imminent

The rumour centres around producer director writer James L Brooks who produces the Simpsons series and is himself a three times Oscar winner. He is returning to the big screen to direct a new drama / comedy titled “Ella McKay” at 20th Century Studios (home of the Simpsons)  and starring “Sex Education” actress Emma Mackey who was recently in this summers blockbuster, ‘Barbie’. The film will follow an idealistic young politician who juggles work and family while preparing to replace her mentor as the state governor. Jamie Lee Curtis, Woody Harrelson, Albert Brooks, Ayo Edibiri, Kumail Nanjiani, and Spike Fearn are all onboard to star.

But it seems that there might be an ulterior motive for the studio to greenlight the project as they want Brooks and creator Matt Groening to make The Simpsons Movie 2 !

Quite whether a Simpsons movie sequel will happen is anyone’s guess as the first film was made with the same writers and animators as the TV series which increased their workload immensely not forgetting the stress that came with the fans anticipation of a feature film. So secret was the project and and the makers scared of any plot leaks that the producers personally shredded the script after every voicing session ans any sequel is likely to be kept under wraps too

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