Alien Romulus – Is the alien real or CGI? Director Fede Alvarez tells us….

real or CGI? Director Fede Alvarez tells us about his alien

We were lucky enough to be invited along to see a load of footage from the eagerly anticipated, ‘Alien Romulus’ where director Fede Alvarez did a great Q&A and was asked, Is the alien real or CGI? and he said..

Rule of thumb is if it can be done practically it’ll be done practically which is not always the case. I mean Hollywood can sometimes be very lazy…with CG it’s not because it’s cheaper, it’s not, it’s actually more expensive but its quicker, Saves you a headache on set. You know next scene monster comes through door…you shoot the door and …well you bring in a one ton animatronic and its going to suck all your day away trying to get him go through the door but man when you see it you’re there

My job, the way I see it , I s almost like, you know someone makes a documentary in the jungle you got to out there and you want to witness something. Happens to all of us. We take a photo to share it back home doesn’t really capture but you should have seen the view right? So that is what I want to do. OI create this whole thing … I don’t want to see green screens that airlock you want to see you want to get lost in there. So the creatures are there and we do every gag that we can create and then I wish we could show the audience what we’re seeing here and that’s what I do. I’m a film maker. I bring it to you. That’s the experience

The opposite would be there was nothing there today and someone on a computer will create the shot and I’ll see it later. I don’t get any joy out of that. I get the joy out of seeing it myself. To get to do it practically we went above and beyond’

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instagram: We meet Fede Alvarez at the Alien Romulus at the sneak footage preview


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