F1 poster and news of Brad Pitt’s new film F1

F1 trailer ....Brad Pitt feels the need for speed!

One of summer 2025’s blockbusters will be Brad Pitt’s new film F1 and the first F1 poster for the film has just been released.

The Oscar winner is currently filming on the the track in Northamptonshire wearing the racing suit of the fictional APX GP team featured in the movie and he also filmed there last year  before production was shut down by the SAG strikes during the 2023 Grand Prix. This year’s will take place Sunday afternoon (7th July) in which the latter will also star as veteran driver Sonny Hayes, returning to the track after a long absence. Pitt plays a former driver who returns to Formula 1 alongside his teammate (played by Damson Idris) at APXGP, a fictional team on the grid.

Seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton is a co-producer on Pitt’s project on the film with the movie being shot during actual Grand Prix weekends as the team competes against the titans of the sport.

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F1 will be released on 27th June 2025

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