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So when the late Michael Jackson passed away with all the rumours that continue to do this day its seemed obvious what he may have been up to when looking at his albums titles. ‘Thriller’ … then he released, ‘Bad’, after that his next album was title, ‘Dangerous’ and then finally, ‘I’m a right wrong ‘un, me!”. Alright we made up that last one but you get the drift. But it was back in 1997 that 1970’s pop star Gary Glitter, a singer whose stage outfits seemed to be made from Bacofoil, made the headlines when he took his laptop for repair only for a load of child pornography to be found on it. He was duly arrested and imprisoned. Again you’d think with songs such as, ‘Oh yes, you’re beautiful’, ‘I love you love’ and most worrying of all, ‘Do you want to touch me?’ it would be obvious what sort of person he was.

It wouldn’t be the last time and now going into production is ‘Hunting Gary Glitter’ a Netflix documentary series that will  explore the story of the British journalists taking down an international predator and bringing him to justice.

HUNTING GARY GLITTER  is the working title about the global hunt for 1970s disgraced pop star Gary Glitter. Featuring previously unseen photographs and archive footage, the series will cover his life story and his later conviction for child sex abuse and a series of sexual offences. With exclusive access to the journalists who pursued Glitter over several years across the world in order to bring him to justice, and alerted authorities to his whereabouts in S E Asia, ultimately leading to his arrest, the production has been underway for a number of months.

This three-part docuseries, featuring conversations with victims of the ex-superstar is directed by Sam Hobkinson.

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