How we got spooked before we even saw The Conjuring 2……..

0 retrospect it was a picture they probably shouldn't have hung up in the child's nursery....

It may seem like a bit of a charmed life for us with the films that we review for you as well as the competitions & exclusives that we bring you but sometimes we have to pay a price and when we were invited along to see the spooky horror sequel, ‘The Conjuring2’ we were put through an experience not dissimilar to that which the family in the film go through involving all manner of creepiness that gave many the screaming hee-bee gee-bees including our Editor who was so freaked out by the experience that he had to go home to change his trousers (‘Rubbish! I had to go home as I’d forgotten to turn the gas off!- Ed)

Anyway subscribe to our YouTube channel and you can see some of the stuff we were put through…….


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