Mothers Instinct stars Anne Hathaway & Jessica Chastain and we chat to director Benoit Delhomme…

Benoit Delhomme talks Mothers Instinct, & Anne Hathaway .......

Mothers Instinct stars Anne Hathaway & Jessica Chastain in a thriller directed by Benoit Delhomme as Alice and Celine respectively and live a traditional lifestyle with successful husbands and sons of the same age. Life’s perfect harmony is suddenly shattered after a tragic accident. Guilt, suspicion and paranoia combine to unravel their sisterly bond.

director Benoit Delhomme is a respected cinematographer who’s films have included The Theory of Everything, The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas and Lady Chatterley’s Love but Mothers Instinct is his debut as director and tells us how it came to him with only days to prepare.

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We chatted about working with two Oscar winning actresses, child actors and awkward scenes…..


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