Vicky Knight & Sacha Polak chat about their new film, ‘Silver Haze’

Vicky Knight & director Sacha Polak takes us BTS of SIlver Haze

Sacha Polak made quite a discovery when she cast Vicky Knight as the lead in ‘Dirty God’ which earned her nominations at the British Independent Films Awards for Best Actress and Most Promising Newcomer.  Well the pair have reunited for their follow up film , ‘Silver Haze’.

The film picks up fifteen years after Franky (Vicky Knight) was badly burnt when the pub where she slept as a child caught fire. But she seeks revenge on her fathers new partner because she still hasn’t found any answers but find as temporary solace with the equally troubled Florence ( Esme Creed-Miles).

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We chatted to both Vicky & Sacha about the making of the film, those brutal improvised insults and the meaning behind the films title. Here’s what they said…..


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