Raging Grace – REVIEW

Raging Grace - unnervingly good gothic horror debut

It’s no surprise that with a monumental influx of illegal immigrants and overstayers there’s a hidden population in the UK that would put Nigel Farage into apoplexy – so its not all bad. And in Raging Grace, Joy (Maxene Eigenmann) is a single Filipino mum living in the UK with her young mischievous daughter Grace (Jaeden Paige Boadilla). The pair live wherever they can – mostly in a disused room in a tower block but also in the homes of the clients where she works as a cleaner when the owners are away. It’s all in an effort to save £15k to pay a dodgy geezer who is arranging her visa

But an answer comes to her money woes when  Katherine (Leanne Best) offers her a thousand pounds  a week as housekeeper of her huge house where her bed ridden cancer riddled uncle Nigel (David Hayman) lives. For once life is dealing Joy a decent hand with her able to have her own room in the house where she covertly lets her daughter stay unbeknown to Katherine – why she doesn’t tell her is never really made clear but it services the plot. It’s only Katherine who goes away for a few days that dark secrets begin to emerge. As instructed by Katherine she expects Joy to administer Uncle Nigel’s medication that seems to be harming rather than helping him and Katherine seems to have gained her medical knowledge at the same school of medicine as Harold Shipman.

That Joy herself has had a training in medicine enables her to restore Uncle Nigel back to good health and she soon finds that they share a common background in their cultural heritage. Things get more labyrinthine as the plot unfolds. Nigel forms a grandfatherly bond with Grace, Katherine’s real intentions are uncovered and Joy finds items about the house that shows Katherine and Nigel are not the loving Uncle and Niece that might be expected and it all builds towards a gothic climax

Written and directed by Paris Zarcilla this is a tremendous debut with unexpected turns drawn from a Filipino experience of living in the UK and  Maxene Eigenmann and especially Jaeden Paige Boadilla are great making this one of the years must see independent films and hinting at great things to come from Zarcilla.

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