Rally Road Racers – REVIEW

Rally Road Racers - Gran Turismo meets King Fu Panda ....

We’ve always felt that the term OAP is unnecessarily cruel in a way that reminds the elderly of their state in life three times over in one phrase. Rally Road Racers is not dissimilar in that respect and it’s the alliteration that makes it easy for the kids that this animated feature  is squarely aimed at.

Set in China this has young Zhi living with his grandmother in  Tai Chi obsessed Chinese village so his love of cars and racing them makes him something of a pariah and yet It’s what might save his village when Archie Vainglorious (John Cleese in a cash grab vocal role) ) who is not only a champion rally car racer but who, via his wealthy land owning father, holds the deeds to the village and gives them all notice of eviction with his team of demolition experts on stand by ready to flatten all in their path. The village’s only hope is when Zhi challenges Vainglorious  to the four part Silk Road Rally with the winner taking the deeds to the village. All rests on Zhi and he seeks the help of former race champion   The Amazing Gnash  (J.K. Simmons) who now sells motivational message stickers for car bumpers – a glimpse of the future for Fi champion and personality vacuum Lewis Hamilton – and its Gnash who agrees  to mentor Zhi

There’s little doubt as to what the outcome of the film will be and whilst there’s some entertaining fast and furious style racing there’s the obligatory love interest too with Shelby (Chloe Bennet) amongst a supporting cast of animals all rendered in electric colours.

Bright and breezy animation with an effective throwback moment for parents  that references 80’s band A-ha’s Take On Me video Rally Road Racers plays like a Gran Turismo meets King Fu Panda via Minions mash up and whilst it’s not on a level with the best of Pixar its one that should keep the little ones quiet.

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Here’s the Rally Road Racers trailer……


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