Rebecca Ferguson and Chris Pratt to star together in …….

Rebecca Ferguson and Chris Pratt to star together in.....

Director Timur Bekmambetov has a pretty distinctive and OTT style if his films NightWatch. and especially the Angelina Jolie starrer ‘Wanted’ are anything to go by with their physics defying logic. Well news in in that he has got Rebecca Ferguson and Chris Pratt to star together in his new sci-fi thriller, ‘Mercy’.

The film is from a script by Marco van Belle and Pratt stars as a detective in the thriller set in the near future when capital crime is on the rise and he finds himself accused of a violent crime and having to prove his innocence. A spring 2024 start of production is in the works, with Amazon MGM Studios looking to a worldwide theatrical release.

Amazon MGM Studios has already begun a major push into theatrical movies as MGM — home of big screen franchises like the James Bond series — stayed in the movie making business.

Quite what this will be like is to be seen but his film ‘Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter’ was as deliriously bonkers as anything he has done before although his remake of ‘Ben Hur’ was a disaster ( reviewed HERE)

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