Spiderman Far from Home – REVIEW

......pollution in London was now so bad that Mayor Sadiq Khan had hired Spiderman to battle it....

Like many Avengers heroes we’ve always thought that the easiest way that the villains can defeat them are overlooked and in the case of Spiderman the obvious way to win is to place him in a giant bath…..but we digress and Spiderman Far from Home is the follow up to the rebooted and revitalized franchise with Tom Holland getting better and better in the role.

After the fallout of Avengers Endgame and its surprises Spiderman Far from Home  starts off with an amusing student TV memoriam reminding us of the 5 year blip which now sees younger siblings now older than their ‘big’ brother or sister. But all of this is quickly put aside with the introduction of Mysterio (Jake Gyllenhaal) a quasi mystic figure made all the more mysterious by being part fancy dress shop wizard, part man wearing a  smoky goldfish bowl on his head yet still able to defeat a monstrous tornado that had locals reporting it as having a face. Nick Fury is trying to get to the bottom of it all along with a hugely underwritten Maria Hill (Cobie Smulders) in tow.

spiderman far from home MJ

It’s Fury who gets Mysterio on side in his quest to defeat the villainous….well…the weather as it forms huge storms and titanic tsunamis that first appear in Venice where Peter Parker is on a student trip with his school and a pair of comically inept teachers.  It’s a trip he’s been forced into in his pursuit of trying to get it on with MJ (Zendaya) but is danger of losing her to another student. It’s one of three separate love stories that play throughout the film and fans should not be put off by Spiderman Far from Home being some kind of lovey-dovey romance because the romances are played for laughs and have some of the best lines.

spiderman far from home

With Nick Fury manipulating their trip round Europe so that Spiderman is where he needs him to help out Mysterio as they battle the elements before the film comes to its climatic battle in London. It makes a change to see London being laid to waste or at least the area around Tower Bridge rather than Spiderman’s home town, New York.  Unlike Avengers Infinity War there’s little doubt how this will end with no moments that pull the rug from beneath you but this is one of the few Marvel films where you absolutely MUST stay for the mid-credit sequence which spins it on its head and will take the next Spiderman film in a very interesting direction.

spiderman far from home

Spiderman Far from Home plays like a really fun European road movie with a superhero and for most part it works well apart from one clunking bit of exposition in the middle of the film that is just shy of telling the audience , ‘ Right everyone here’s something you weren’t expecting so let us explain…..’ That aside this new film is as enjoyable as the last perhaps even more so and Tom Holland continues to put Tobey Maguire and especially Andrew Garfield further into the shade leaving them as almost distant memories.  After the intensity of Avengers Endgame this is just all out fun and like the last Spiderman Homecoming which ended with the Ramones version of the theme tune this ends with The Go-go’s brilliantly upbeat, ‘Vacation’.  For fans there are Easter eggs galore and callbacks to other movies but for the rest of us this is just sheer summer fun.

Here’s the Spiderman Far from Home trailer…….


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