Steven Spielberg is about to start filming…….

.....the chair was either too big or he's only two foot tall.....

Filming dates have now been set for Steven Spielberg’s ‘READY PLAYER ONE’, with a 13-week shoot due to start towards the end of June.

It is an adaptation of the award-winning dystopian novel by Ernest Cline set in 2045. The book follows teenager Wade Watts as he makes his way on a treasure hunt through the virtual world of the OASIS in his quest to find an egg guaranteed to bring the victor power and wealth. The clues (or at last quite a lot of them)are related to pop culture references many of which are directly related to Spielberg’s own work so it should be interesting to see how the director self references his own back catalogue – although he’s rumoured to have said that he will not be including any.

Film will star Mark Rylance, T.J. Miller & Tye Sheridan as well as Olivia Cooke, Simon Pegg and Ben Mendelsohn.

Spielberg is also executive producer on two major films that are currently in pre-production in the UK: the untitled sequel to Jurassic World and Transformers 5: The Last Knight which has just started shooting and whose villain is rumoured to be Megatron (though some may argue that it’s Michael Bay).

Film is set for release on March 30 2018…….so there’ll be a bit of a wait I’m afraid….


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