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Babyteeth – REVIEW

So whilst we’re in the midst of a catastrophic pandemic its oddly fitting that Babyteeth , a film about a girl with a terminal...

Babyteeth – TRAILER

Typical of our Editor is that he told his kids that due to the pandemic the tooth fairy was on lock down  so couldn't...

Spies in Disguise – REVIEW

If you watched our A-List film star on our YouTube Channel HERE you’ll be aware of his ludicrous attempts at keeping a low key...

Ready Player One – REVIEW

After the heavyweight drama of Spielberg’s ‘The Post’ he returns to his popcorn pleasers with  Ready Player One. Set in the dystopian future of...

The cast of the new Robin Hood film will include…….

The last proper Robin Hood film we had was Ridley Scott's hugely expensive ($200m) 2010 film starring Russell Crowe and his wandering accent. Over...

Steven Spielberg is about to start filming…….

Filming dates have now been set for Steven Spielberg’s 'READY PLAYER ONE', with a 13-week shoot due to start towards the end of June. It...