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2020s biggest box office earners……..

So in a year like no other that saw cinemas close, blockbuster releases postponed by over a year and many films going to streaming...

The Best and Worst films 2020…….

Well let’s be honest when it comes to movies 2020 has been a year like no other. For us the omen was there when,...

Filming 1917 in one take…….

Extended one shots / one take - that weave in and out of locations with cast choreographed to within an inch are not uncommon...

1917 – REVIEW

Quite why a film would be called, ‘almost twenty past seven’ is anyone’s guess but that’s what our  Editor thought 1917 was (‘You’re fired!’...

1917 – TRAILER

The 1917 trailer is for the first film by director Sam Mendes since his Bond double whammy Skyfall followed by Spectre and pretty impressive...